10 ways to fall asleep when nothing helps


Can’t fall asleep? And somewhere out there, the son of her mother’s friend — the one who has everything better than everyone else — sees a third dream. Well with you it became, how did you bring yourself to this life? Nervous, sleepy; the regime is disfigured, like the insides of an unfortunate person who was poured red-hot tin into his mouth. Well, it remains to resort to extreme measures, since nothing already helps. We hope that your sleep problems are not caused by the torments of conscience.

1.Keep yourself awake

I know. This makes no sense. Why do you keep yourself awake when you try to sleep?

You’re like a baby who tries to stay awake, but still falls asleep.

The paradox is that when you try to fall asleep, the opposite effect most often occurs: sleep, as they say, in one eye. A study at the University of Glasgow showed that participants who had trouble falling asleep were able to fall asleep more quickly with the help of “paradoxical intent” (PN). They were instructed to go to bed and try not to sleep by opening their eyes. And what do you think? Everything is asleep, and even faster than the rest.

2.Use the “4-7-8” sleep method

This method was first used by the scientist and thinker Andrew Weil. According to the creator, he lulls in just a minute. Its essence is that it creates a natural tranquilizer for the nervous system, which, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood, slows the heart rate and releases more carbon dioxide from the lungs. 

Here is what you need to do:

  • Press the tip of the tongue to the sky directly behind the front teeth. Keep him in this position all the time exercise. 
  • Make a strong exhale through the mouth. 
  • Shut your mouth and take a leisurely four-second inhale through your nose. 
  • Hold your breath fully for seven seconds. 
  • For eight seconds, make a strong exhalation through your mouth with a characteristic whistling sound. 
  • Now repeat the above cycle three more times, and you will be happy.

Doctor do not approve the method, but cannot argue with efficiency.

3.Use progressive muscle relaxation

When you are lying in bed, slowly strain and then relax every muscle in your body. Start with the leg muscles. First foot, then calf, thigh muscles, buttocks, stomach, etc., gradually making its way to the neck and head. If you do not want to strain completely, you can repeat this exercise only with your toes, alternately straining and relaxing them 7 times. Strain your muscles for at least five seconds, and then relax for 30 seconds, no more. Then continue on to the head.

4.Listen to classical music

What could be more beautiful than wondrous classical music? What soothes the soul better than the flutes of God and the heavenly harps? Probably something, yes there is. And studies have shown that classical or any music with a tempo from 60 to 80 BPM (and this is 3 times slower than in VZM-battles), a regular rhyt