23 Steps to Help get Rid of Bad Habits


Habit is something that forms part of our personality. There are good habits that make you healthier, smarter and stronger. And there are those who only destroy the body and mind, and some can break life. Smoking, junk food, a waste of life on games and the Internet, alcohol – all this makes you hostage to your body and slave habits. If you are a person who wants to control his life himself, then it is necessary to fight this, and we have found several ways. Consider four phases that will help you gain control of yourself.

Stage 1

First of all, it will be necessary to prepare for changing habits. Most likely, you tried to stop yourself to harmful habits before, but it was all in vain, as there was no plan of action. This time everything will be different, because you will have a great strategy.

1.Concentrate on one bad habit.

Your will power, no matter how great, has a limited amount of energy for each day, and when it is exhausted, it becomes harder to control a negative impulse and desire. If day after day you wage a battle with smoking and junk food, then sooner or later there will be a breakdown, in view of which you will return to the old way of life.

Anyway, such dependencies require an individual approach, so do not overestimate the forces.

2.Set a 30-day deadline to achieve the goal.

You must create the most stringent conditions in order to get rid of a bad habit. Therefore, tight deadlines for which it will be necessary to get rid of pernicious addictions is a necessary thing. 30 days is exactly the time that is ideal for such a purpose. Within a month, really build your ideal schedule, following which you will be able to systematically eradicate the habit.

But if 30 days is not enough, then there is nothing to worry about. Increase the period to 60 or 90 days, but you should not overstretch too much, because it is about your health.

3.Choose the date of giving up the habit

You will need a start, so you need to set a date for the start of your crusade against an unhealthy lifestyle. It will be a kind of moment from which life will change dramatically. Date will give an understanding of the goal, reaching which you will change your life for the better.

4.Define the tasks correctly

“I want to eat only healthy food,” is not a goal, but rather a desire. The goal should contain specific wording that will not leave room for maneuvers and an extra burger.

It is better to set goals step by step and act as follows: today I will give up fast food, but leave the place is not quite healthy food at home. Tomorrow, I exclude all junk food from my diet and switch to a proper and balanced diet. And exactly in a week – when the body adapts – I will go to the gym.

5.Avoid extremes

Firstly, it can negatively affect your health, but the emotional and mental side is the most dangerous. Suppose you swallowed to eat sweets for a week, and one day it broke, which could happen to everyone, and ate a couple of sweets. But you are so tuned in that you will not allow yourself to eat a gram of sugar, that these two candies mean a complete breakdown. Therefore, what’s the point