8 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself


When faced with depression (real depression, not imaginary), then the most difficult thing in dealing with it is to begin. It would be great if each person could control his mood at will, but this does not happen. The fact is that depression does not occur for one reason. This ailment is provoked by a number of social and psychological factors, including negative beliefs (“I will not achieve anything, no one loves me”), self-destruction (drugs and alcohol as a means of dealing with unpleasant emotions), avoiding responsibility (spending a lot of time on passive classes, but not active). That is, if you have depression, then you face a whole range of problems, each of which should be addressed separately.

We, of course, recommend going to a professional psychologist, although there are not many of them in Russia to solve the problem fully, but before you knock on professionals, let us tell you about the so-called “behavioral antidepressant” that has a beneficial effect on life. , even if everything is fine with you.

1.Think of the perfect time

Think of a reality where you have fun, well and generally excellent. How would this reality look like? Look into your imagination and try to imagine the activities that you would like to do in the “better world”. Think up more of these very things, and when you come back from your imagination, then do something of what you have imagined. We are sure that you can start doing some things right now.

2.Start with small changes

In a period of complete emotional exhaustion, there is no point in taking on complicated matters. It is better to start with something small, in order to avoid harmful thoughts “I don’t like it” or “I don’t know how to do it”. For example, if you want to write a book, then a novel in 7 copyright sheets will seem to you an impossible task, but a small chapter of 10 pages can be done by everyone. If you focus on small tasks, the whole process will become easier.

3.Planning really helps

Yes, planning will help you in any business, especially if you set your own deadlines, which should be set a little earlier than the deadlines that the same employer, for example, puts to you. Planning can be done both with the help of a diary, and using the application on your smartphone. We use Wunderlist for these purposes, although we are sure that there are more comfortable ways, but this is a matter of habit.

4.Tune in to success

If you think before the battle that you lost, then do not hesitate – you will definitely lose. This is exactly how negative thinking works. Need to be a little more optimistic. Read the biographies of the greats of this world – many of them were real losers, but they did not give up, they believed in themselves and thanks to this they were now where they are now. Try and you tune in for success – it will help you.


Exercises are one of the most powerful stimuli for elevating mood and increasing activity. And do not say that you do not have time to go to the gym. Even if this is true, then you can spend 15-20 minutes a day to go in for sports walking or warm-up during your lunch break. The less you move, the worse you feel – we are sure of that.

6.Be consistent

This is good if you do something once or twice a week, but you can hardly succeed in doing so with such activity. It is much better if it concerns a project to do it every day. Only then will this project be important for your life, which will immediately reflect on its quality and success.