A long walk is useful not only for the body, but also for the mind.


Each of us needs a little respite, time to be alone with himself. Someone simply locks the house and sits within the four walls from morning to evening, and there are people who do not tolerate confined space. In moments when thoughts in your head swarm and all questions can be answered only by you yourself, sitting and staring at the wall is not the best option. We have a very simple, but extremely effective advice for you: go for a walk. It may seem that it sounds a bit crazy, but we will explain what healing properties the walk has not only for the body, but for mental balance and harmony.

Body benefits

Did you know that walking 5 kilometers more than running a similar distance will bring much more benefit to our body? The work of the heart is normalized, the blood circulation is improved, and this is especially important for those who are used to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Walking is very useful for all muscles, besides you can burn a lot of calories. But do not lean on fatty foods, even if you walk a lot. Even a short walk a couple of kilometers can help people with diabetes to  stay healthy and keep their blood sugar levels in – it’s enough to walk from 30 minutes a day. Admit it, it’s not so much.

A walk can even reduce the risk of cancer! Studies conducted at Harvard University in 2012, say that a daily walk in the fresh air reduces the risk by 19%. Need more arguments?

Walking, you improve your memory and increase immunity. North Carolina S