Self hypnosis: Simple remedy for stress and depression


When you think about hypnosis, you inevitably come across a mass of fictions and conjectures. You probably immediately imagine a scam artist who hypnotizes a girl with a pocket watch to work with adultery with her. There is a second strong image – the magician-hypnotist, who works on the stage with several dozens of volunteers who either dance with brooms, or cluck, or tell their secrets to the crowd. Fortunately, real hypnosis has little to do with all these pop cultural stereotypes that come from TV shows, movies and TV shows.

In fact, hypnosis is a much less mysterious process and much more mundane than you thought before. Hypnosis is a very safe and, more importantly, extremely effective way of relaxing and dealing with stress.

How to cause hallucinations without drugs And you had it? The night, the sky is painted blueberry blue, the skin – flaky scales.

No, you will not be turned into a cackling cock

Probably no other psychological device for stress relief is perceived as falsely as hypnosis. Take a look at some things you should know:

– You are not sleeping. 
– You’re conscious. 
“You have not lost control and are not under any spell.” 
– You will not do what you do not want.

Hypnosis is simply a deep and focused immersion in yourself, which allows you to be more susceptible to the suggestions of the hypnotist, no more. Some people are more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion, others are not. In order for hypnosis to work, it is important to forget about your critical attitude, stop fighting the process. You just need to give in to it. If you stand on your absolute skepticism, the “miracle” will not happen. You need to open your mind.

Surprise! You were already under hypnosis.

You might not realize this, but most likely you have been in a hypnotic trance many times. A person often falls into this state, here are just a few examples:

– You came out of the cinema and understand that your attention was riveted to the screen, and you have no idea who sat a few inches from you. 
– You dreamed or just lost yourself in your thoughts. Suddenly you look at your watch and wonder: “Where did the time go?”. 
– You were driving along the highway and did not pay attention to the road. After a while, you realized that a whole section of the path disappeared from memory.

In each case, you were in a hypnotic trance.

Trance power

When you are in a trance, you are in a different mental state. You do not sleep, you control yourself, but your attention becomes narrow and incredibly focused. You are more receptive to any suggestions that the “operator” will tell you. Your subconscious opens, and you are ready to see things that are be